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Italian Style & Luxury

Every Capelli is 100% made in Italy, trademark of the traditional sleek, sophisticated high-end Italian style. It’s the combination of the world class build quality, with the years of innovation, brought together by the luxurious design that has earned Capelli the reputation in Europe as being the leader in the high-end inflatable boat category.

The Highest Build Quality

Most boats in the leisure RIB’s market are traditionally known for their lack of durability and poor build quality, resulting in poor re-sale value and a lack of longevity. Capelli are different – known for their high quality finishes and durability. All boats are made in heavy duty 1670dtex ORCA Hypalon. This weight of Hypalon fabric usually used in commercial applications, which is over 50% heavier than the 1100dtex most competitors use in their boats. Giving it far better tear and puncture resistance.

The Most Useable Layout

The engineers and designers at Capelli have been building boats since 1974; that’s 47 years of refining the functionality of every Capelli model to be practical and useable for the end customer. It’s the thoughtful design that has gone into every little detail and feature which makes each boat extremely useable whether entertaining friends, taking kids out for a cruise on the water, heading out for a day of water skiing or using the boat as a tender.


Oscar Done, owner of Capelli Tempest 40

I can see us on this boat Saturday and Sunday every weekend from now until next winter.

“There are a lot of ribs out there, but this is a step up in terms of the design and finish. Boats are the classic toy and it’s nice to splurge and have something nice. I’ve had it for 2 days and they’ve been two fantastic days.

I can see us on this boat Saturday and Sunday every weekend from now until next winter. We just had so much fun.”