Short Marine

Our Vision

The Lasing Impact We Want to Have

To make boating easy and enjoyable so we can enable people to create more memories and live better lives.

Our vision is to make boating and enjoyable so our customers can create more memories and live better lives.

The two most important things in life are the memories you create and the people you share them with. When done right, there is no better activity in the world than boating when it comes to connecting with friends and family and creating lifelong memories.

However too often it’s not done right and we hear of peoples negative boating experiences, resulting in them not using it and getting out of boating all together. When diving deeper into why, it’s almost always due to a combination the following factors; didn’t own the right boat for them, weren’t confident handling it, didn’t service & maintain the boat as they should have resulting in things not working, boat deteriorating, unexpected costs and a long list of work to try coordinate with different marine businesses. Owning a boat became a chore, when boating shouldn’t be that way.

We believe boating should be easy. So we exist to provide our customers with an end-to-end boating solution. From the initial sale, to the driver training & handling, to the ongoing service & maintenance.

One port of call, for their entire boating journey.

This is what will ensure every Short Marine customer gets the most out of their boat and ultimately, their life.

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Our Mission

What We Fight for Every Day

To deliver the best boating experience in the world.

Our Values


World Class

Everything we do is world class. In particular, our quality of work and we work hard to maintain that reputation.

Always Improving

We are continuously improving, both personally and as a business. We take responsibility of our own development and always look at ways to improve our offering.

Make it happen

We are results driven and outcome orientated. We take responsibility and are accountable for all outcomes.

We look good

Our appearance is important. Our branding, our work and our appearance are all aligned. This is how our customers and potential customers perceive us.

Make mates

We build and maintain strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and fellow team members.

Be here for a good time

Life’s short. We make time in our personal lives for the things that make us happy. We enjoy coming to work on Mondays like going home on Fridays.

Communication is key

We don’t wait for questions. We proactively update and inform our customers and fellow team members.