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The Ultimate Introduction to Fishing in Sydney

28 -06 -2021

At the Sydney International Boat Show in August this year, we met Simon and Susan, a Chinese couple who recently moved to Australia from China with their young kids.

They visited our display at the show looking for boat to primarily use for fishing but also wanted something they could use to cruise around the harbour in the 28-34 foot range.

Completely new to boating and not knowing which specific brands to look for, they made their way around the boat show and visited all exhibitors. In the end, they found 4 different boat brands which ticked the boxes for their requirements and booked in sea-trials for each one.

Initially, we showed them over the Grady-White Marlin 300 which appealed most to them being Grady’s flagship fishing machine in the 30’ range and scheduled them in for a sea-trial the day after the show.

Considering how much time they would spend offshore fishing and the rough conditions we get off Sydney, we stressed the importance of sea-trialling all the other boat brands they are looking at to get a true feel for how the boat handles and performs offshore.

-Luckily, they had the chance to sea-trial the other brands in similar conditions which quickly confirmed that the Grady-White was a much better handling boat in comparison to the other brands.

Luckily, they had the chance to sea-trial the other brands in similar conditions which quickly confirmed that the Grady-White was a much better handling boat in comparison to the other brands.

Although they loved the Marlin 300, they didn’t want to wait 3 months for a new order, they wanted one for the following weekend! We had a bigger Grady-White 330 Express in stock, which they sea-trialled, fell in love with and ultimately became their boat 2 days later.

Having not owned a boat before, we included driving lessons along with a handful of days out fishing with one of our Grady-White brand ambassadors to ensure their introduction to boating was a positive one – something we offer to all our new customers.

After a couple of driving lessons, they were confident enough to handle the boat themselves and less than a week after the handover we organised our ambassador and one of Sydney’s most respected fisherman, Rod Findlay, to take them out Tuna Fishing.

We met at the marina at 6:00am where we departed shortly after and headed south. We arrived to our marks just after 7:00am and had the lures in by 7:15am with our first bite happening at about 7:45.

Unfortunately we lost that fish. We continued to fish the area and ended up hooking 12 and catching 9 Yellow Fin Tuna by 1:00pm.

Exhausted and satisfied, Simon decided he was ready to back in. We pulled the lures in and headed back, arriving back at the dock by 2.30pm.

Safe to say, the owners were over the moon with the experience. Not just with the experience of catching multiple Yellow Fin Tuna and having plenty of fresh sashimi to go around but also their overall introduction to fishing and boating in Sydney.

Since then, they have knocked up 60 engine hours in just a few weeks. It’s our mission to deliver the best boating experience in the world and it’s stories like this that light us up.


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New Brands & Gold Coast Expansion

New Brands & Gold Coast Expansion

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The Evolution of Short Marine

The Evolution of Short Marine

Over the last few years, we have gone through enormous growth as a business. Our growth includes going from a team of 8 to a team of 40, expansion of offices, multiple new workshops, new brands, new service offerings and the list goes on. The exciting part about this growth is that it’s not just an expansion on who we were, it’s an evolution of Short Marine.

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Short Marine Service Department

Short Marine Service Department

Unlike the majority of our competitors, our core business is driven by our service department which enables us to offer Grady-White customers a post-sale experience like no other.

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