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Patrick Delany (CEO Foxtel) - Multiple Boat Owner

“Sam and Ryan Short have looked after my boats for a long time. For those of us that love the water but have busy working lives it’s fabulous to have a team that gets things done first time, so that all you have to do is step aboard on the weekend. The boys have integrity in their DNA and their reliability is rare on the waterfront.”

Paul Attwood - Grady-White 271 Canyon

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Sam Short and the team at Short Marine for the wonderful customer service through the initial acquisition, the routine servicing and most recently the management of the sale of my Grady White 271 Canyon.

Although the Short Marine business is becoming quietly large these days, Sam and the team continued to provide a very personalised, efficient and honest service which was very much appreciated while we enjoyed our Grady.”

James Warburton (CEO Channel Seven) - Brig Inflatable

“Really appreciate your incredible service level and communication, during I am sure, a very difficult time of year — bloody brilliant, thank you!! Best I’ve experienced on the water.”

Oscar Done - Capelli Tempest 40

For me, I don’t have a lot of time so I want boating to be easy and fun. I don’t want it to be a second job. Short Marine was able to provide that and they do for a bunch of my mates as well. They’re obviously good at what they do.

It makes boating more pleasurable for me to have a boating concierge service running things for me and has always got my back. It takes the effort out of it for me so I can just jump on with the kids and enjoy it.